Harvest Technology PLC vs Acroud Anacondas

Harvest Technology PLC vs Acroud Anacondas

20.10.2021 20:00
Qualification 21/22 – DAY 1

Player statistic

10. Dylan Bonnici Drago Goal 4:00    
07. Fabrizio Ficco Goal 6:00    
    12:00 Goal 07. Roderick Attard
    14:00 Goal 02. Valentin Dragoi
    16:00 Goal 07. Roderick Attard
    17:00 Goal 07. Roderick Attard
    22:00 Goal 15. Jose Maria Hermoso Arnao (Txema)
    28:00 Goal 11. Ismahel Tabone
11. Roderick Newbould Goal 33:00    
    40:00 Goal 02. Valentin Dragoi
    42:00 Goal 02. Valentin Dragoi
    44:00 Goal 02. Valentin Dragoi

Additional information

Man of the match
Roderick Attard
Match between the two new teams in the PAI league ended up by the victory of the Acroud Anacondas. Harvest Technology started well and took the lead at the beginning of the match, but after a couple of minutes, when Anacondas managed to establish their rhythm, that advantage disappeared and by the end of the game there was only one team on the field. Roderick Attard and Valentin Dragoi were in the best mood to play, and this duo led the Anacondas to their first win. Next week Harvest Technology should compete with the Comeon Group, while Anacondas are going to play against hard Armstrong Operations.