Aspire Global vs GiG Galacticos

Aspire Global vs GiG Galacticos

26.02.2020 20:00
League 1 - DAY 6

Player statistic

    2:00 Goal 02. Felix Preussner
    3:00 Goal 3. Jens Schmieg
    5:00 Goal 02. Felix Preussner
    11:00 Goal 3. Jens Schmieg
    15:00 Goal 3. Jens Schmieg
    16:00 Goal 9. Mikis Sonderiis
17. Jonas Vilhelmssen Goal 18:00    
17. Jonas Vilhelmssen Goal 19:00    
OWN GOAL Goal 20:00    
27. Mads Lynnerup Goal 23:00    
    30:00 Goal 4. Anders Friis Bruun
    32:00 Goal 4. Anders Friis Bruun
    36:00 Goal 4. Anders Friis Bruun
    37:00 Goal 9. Mikis Sonderiis
    38:00 Goal 3. Jens Schmieg
17. Jonas Vilhelmssen Goal 41:00    
    42:00 Goal 3. Jens Schmieg
OWN GOAL Goal 45:00    
17. Jonas Vilhelmssen Goal 46:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Jens Schmieg
GIG run away from the danger zone and now, since Tipico has one match less, they are taking 4th position in League 1. No one expected such a bad start of the match by Aspire who were losing 6:0 after 15 mins of play. After that they proved to everyone that they know to play football but defense is still their main problems. As much as they score, it's simply not enough. Aspire is still knocked down to the bottom of the standing table but it's a team with really great potential.

PlayerMan of the match
3. Jens Schmieg1