Axl Affiliates/Betzest vs ZP Services

Axl Affiliates/Betzest vs ZP Services

06.11.2019 20:00
League 1 - DAY 6

Player statistic

    6:00 Goal 10. Kenneth Ahlgren
14. Denis Kadri Goal 7:00    
01. Alin Potirniche Goal 8:00    
15. Manea Florin Goal 16:00    
    20:00 Goal 10. Kenneth Ahlgren
15. Manea Florin Goal 23:00    
    28:00 Goal 11. Silvio Di Cesare
    33:00 Goal 2. Billy Berntson
14. Denis Kadri Goal 34:00    
    36:00 Goal 1. Liran Ben-Ari
11. Moraru Marian Goal 44:00    
14. Denis Kadri Goal 45:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Denis Kadri
It was a total football game. Axl Affilliates was leading almost all the match but In 36th minutes ZP Services made a score for 5:5. Till the end of the match they didn't have the strength to turn the result in their favor. At the end, Axl took all three points from this match. Next week ZP Services have another chance to win against great Betfirst, while Axl Affilliates should play their last match in first part of season against Gig Galacticos.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
01. Alin Potirniche1
14. Denis Kadri31
11. Moraru Marian1
15. Manea Florin2
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
1. Liran Ben-Ari1
2. Billy Berntson1
10. Kenneth Ahlgren2
11. Silvio Di Cesare1