BetFirst vs GiG Galacticos

BetFirst vs GiG Galacticos

04.03.2020 21:00
League 1 – DAY 8

Player statistic

    7:00 Goal 12. Jonas Gisle
    10:00 Goal 9. Anders Bruun
    11:00 Goal 9. Anders Bruun
    13:00 Goal 9. Anders Bruun
    14:00 Goal 9. Anders Bruun
    18:00 Goal 11. Anders Lynderup
    27:00 Goal 9. Anders Bruun
    29:00 Goal 9. Anders Bruun
09. Julian Camilleri Goal 44:00    
    46:00 Goal 11. Anders Lynderup

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Anders Bruun
Everyone expected better and more uncertain match between those two teams. Unfortunately Betfirst came without a few good players and it allows GIG to create an advantage of 6:0 in the first half. GIG is now forth team in League 1 with 10+ points and next week they have a match against Touchbet, one of the competitors for the title. Betfirst should have a hard match against AXL Affilliates.
PlayerMan of the match
9. Anders Bruun1