BetFirst vs Tipico 1

BetFirst vs Tipico 1

05.11.2019 19:00
League 1 - DAY 5

Player statistic

    24:00 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 27:00    
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 30:00    
    44:00 Yellow Card 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
02. Filomeno Santos Goal 46:00    
    47:00 Goal 10. Philipp Schuler
02. Filomeno Santos Goal 48:00    
5. Paulo Caetano Goal 35:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Filomeno Santos
Tipico played amazing match and have a win their hands but, at the end of the match they felt down and didn't have enough energy to keep three points. In last two minutes Filomeno Santos scored twice and bring win to Betfirst. Next week both teams have a hard matches - Tipico goes to play against Leader of League 1 Touchbet, while Betfirst will play against last year's Champions Blue Lions.
PlayerMan of the match
02. Filomeno Santos1