BetFirst vs ZP Services

BetFirst vs ZP Services

29.07.2020 20:00
League 1 – DAY 14

Player statistic

    4:00 Goal 7. Stefano Riga
11. Vlady Pais Goal 7:00    
    14:00 Goal 4. Giorgio Assenza
    24:00 Goal 4. Giorgio Assenza
11. Vlady Pais Goal 25:00    
    25:00 Goal 8. Giacomo Pioppi
11. Vlady Pais Goal 26:00    
11. Vlady Pais Goal 27:00    
    32:00 Goal 3. Claudio Morabito
11. Vlady Pais Goal 33:00    
    39:00 Goal 8. Giacomo Pioppi
    46:00 Goal 7. Stefano Riga
11. Vlady Pais Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Vlady Pais
Partically two players of Betfirst, Vlady Pais and Nuno Santos, won against ZP Services who played without couple of players from starting lineup. In very interesting and dynamic match, both teams have chances to win, but at the end, team who wanted more, gained new three points. Next week Betfirst should play against Polish Drinkers, while ZP Services should theoretically play against GIG.
PlayerMan of the match
11. Vlady Pais1