BetFirst vs ZP Services

BetFirst vs ZP Services

20.11.2019 20:00
League 1 - DAY 7

Player statistic

02. Filomeno Santos Goal 13:00    
    28:00 Goal 1. Liran Ben-Ari
    30:00 Goal 2. Billy Berntson
5. Paulo Caetano Goal 31:00    
5. Paulo Caetano Goal 37:00    
5. Paulo Caetano Goal 42:00    
5. Paulo Caetano Goal 44:00    
    34:00 Yellow Card 5. Salvatore Dolce

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Paulo Caetano
Betfirst continues their run for champions title besides Axl Affiliates. This time ZP Service was opponent and in very interesting and tough match they took all three points. ZP Services have result of 2:2 till 6 mins before the end of the match but they didn't have enough good players on the bench who can adequately replace starting line up. Betfirst finished in the top of League 1 table and ZP Services have one more match against Tipico, to try to get as much better pole position before the start of second half of the season.
PlayerMan of the match
5. Paulo Caetano1