Casino Malta vs Tumas Gaming

Casino Malta vs Tumas Gaming

09.03.2020 20:30
League 2 – DAY 9

Player statistic

10. Antonio Buffon Goal 1:00    
4. Massimo De Franco Goal 3:00    
09. Giovanni Rosalia Goal 4:00    
4. Massimo De Franco Goal 7:00    
    8:00 Goal 06. Paolo Paolini
5. Rocco Ianna Goal 9:00    
    19:00 Goal 4. Mirko Romeo
5. Rocco Ianna Goal 29:00    
4. Massimo De Franco Goal 30:00    
    32:00 Goal 6. Marco Marcuso
4. Massimo De Franco Goal 34:00    
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 37:00    
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 38:00    
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 39:00    
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 41:00    
09. Giovanni Rosalia Goal 44:00    
    45:00 Goal 6. Marco Marcuso

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Antonio Buffon
After two loose in row, Casino Malta is coming back on the right track. Tumas Gaming has to pay this time. From the beginning of the match it was clear that Casino Malta came to take all the three points from this match. We saw very nice goals and very good and fair behavior from both teams. Next week is PAI Cup and while Casino Malta waiting for better from match Betway - UNO, Tumas Gaming will have very hard match against Polish Drinkers.
PlayerMan of the match
10. Antonio Buffon1