Catena Media vs Genting Bet

Catena Media vs Genting Bet

15.07.2020 20:00
League 2 – DAY 9

Player statistic

    6:00 Goal 6. Diego Lombardi
8. Marco Fiorilla Goal 11:00    
    17:00 Goal 2. Dan Michelson
    27:00 Goal 6. Diego Lombardi
    28:00 Goal 6. Diego Lombardi
    32:00 Goal 07. Billy Cook
18. Alex Ellul Goal 33:00    
18. Alex Ellul Goal 34:00    
18. Alex Ellul Goal 38:00    
6. Joevren Curmi Goal 42:00    
2. Anti Nousi Goal 45:00    
2. Anti Nousi Goal 46:00    
2. Anti Nousi Goal 18:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alex Ellul
Catena Media trying to avoid relegation this year and it seems that they are on a good way. In very fair and correct match from the both sides, Catena showed that this team have a heart to wake up and turn over the result when no one expect that. At one moment Gentingbet lead with two goals but then amazing play by Alex Ellul who, with three goals in five minutes, brings advance to Catena who managed to save it till the end of the match. Next week Gentingbet will try to save their net against Besedo, while Catena Media go for surprise against Casino Malta.
PlayerMan of the match
18. Alex Ellul1