FC Betclicers vs Genting Bet

FC Betclicers vs Genting Bet

18.11.2019 19:00
League 2 – DAY 7

Player statistic

    10:00 Goal 13. Alberto Wernotiko
    11:00 Goal 13. Alberto Wernotiko
11. Oscar Abrunhosa Goal 15:00    
12. Daniel Da Costa Goal 16:00    
    23:00 Goal 9. Javier Ogueta
    29:00 Goal 9. Javier Ogueta
    32:00 Goal 6. Diego Lombardi
    33:00 Goal 1. Alfie Davies
    34:00 Goal 1. Alfie Davies
    35:00 Goal 1. Alfie Davies
    37:00 Goal 13. Alberto Wernotiko
8. Ricardo Silva Goal 38:00    
    42:00 Goal 1. Alfie Davies
11. Oscar Abrunhosa Goal 45:00    
    46:00 Goal 13. Alberto Wernotiko
    47:00 Goal 1. Alfie Davies

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Dino Ramus
From beginning till the end of the match Gentingbet took over a full control. Betclicers has played without subs which was a big issue for them in this match. Next match Gentingbet will play derby against Betway and would try to take 3rd place in League 2 while, in the rest of first half of the season, Betclicers has a two hard matches against Besedo and Betway and it will be hard for them to run away from the bottom of the table.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
1. Alfie Davies5
6. Diego Lombardi1
9. Javier Ogueta2
13. Alberto Wernotiko4