FC Betclicers vs Pentasia

FC Betclicers vs Pentasia

29.10.2019 21:00
League 2 - DAY 2

Player statistic

11. Oscar Abrunhosa Goal 7:00    
8. Ricardo Silva Goal 8:00    
29. Loretto Culotta Goal 13:00    
8. Ricardo Silva Goal 23:00    
29. Loretto Culotta Goal 27:00    
    29:00 Goal 3. Jakub Savara
    33:00 Goal 11. Daniel Radjic
8. Ricardo Silva Goal 34:00    
6. Floyd Duca Goal 35:00    
11. Oscar Abrunhosa Goal 39:00    
    42:00 Goal 3. Jakub Savara

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Ricardo Silva
Fast and good game between two teams who are improving their level of the game from the start of the season.Two promoted teams in League 2, but Betclicers were more focused and organized from the beginning and they deserved to win and take all three points from this match. Next week Pentasia plays against amazing Besedo, while Betclicers will try to continue a good wave against Catena Media.