Highlight Media vs Stanleybet

Highlight Media vs Stanleybet

17.02.2020 20:30
League Blue – DAY 9

Player statistic

    5:00 Goal 6. Robert Bugeja
    21:00 Goal 5. Giorgio Biondi
15. Sean Fenech Adami Goal 23:00    
15. Sean Fenech Adami Goal 25:00    
11. Marco Toppano Goal 28:00    
15. Sean Fenech Adami Goal 31:00    
    32:00 Goal 8. Alberto Costantino
    35:00 Goal 6. Robert Bugeja
    42:00 Goal 5. Giorgio Biondi

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alberto Costantino
Postponed match between Highlight Media and Stanleybet was full of overturning. At the beginning Stanleybet leads 2:0 but at the end of the first half Fenech Adami scored and created active result for Highlight Media. In the second half Highlighters managed to complete overturn result and leads 4:2 but then Stanleybet starts to play their game and at the end of the match took all three points from this very exciting match. Highlight Media, as a team with great potential but lack of experience, have a chance to take all three points next week against Comeon and create better position for continuation of competition in League 4 while Stanleybet, already qualified for League 3, should have a very hard match against White Hat Gaming, who desperately needs win in that match if they want to participate in League 3 and PAI Cup.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
11. Marco Toppano1
15. Sean Fenech Adami3
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
5. Giorgio Biondi2
6. Robert Bugeja2
8. Alberto Costantino11