Highlight Media vs UNO

Highlight Media vs UNO

10.12.2019 20:00
League Blue - DAY 1

Player statistic

    4:00 Goal 6. Nikki Vella Petroni
    7:00 Goal 6. Nikki Vella Petroni
9. Cris Campan Goal 8:00    
    9:00 Goal 17. Gianluca Calabretta
2. Alex Tester Goal 16:00    
2. Alex Tester Goal 18:00    
    19:00 Goal 17. Gianluca Calabretta
4. Luca Zarb Goal 21:00    
    32:00 Goal 17. Gianluca Calabretta
    35:00 Goal 17. Gianluca Calabretta
12. Luca Bugelli Goal 37:00    
12. Luca Bugelli Goal 40:00    
    44:00 Goal 6. Nikki Vella Petroni

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Gianluca Calabretta
Highlight Media has proved that they can play big matches. Against favorite Uno, they fight till the end for every ball. At the moment both teams were over aggressive and last 5 minutes of the match, referee has a lot of work. At the end, Uno won in this very interesting match and confirmed a leader's position in League Blue. In second half of the season, they will start from position 1 in new created League 3.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
2. Alex Tester2
9. Cris Campan1
12. Luca Bugelli2
14. Roberto Migliore1
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
6. Nikki Vella Petroni3
17. Gianluca Calabretta41