Axl Affiliates/Betzest vs Polish Drinkers

Axl Affiliates/Betzest vs Polish Drinkers

24.09.2020 20:30
League 1 – DAY 12

Player statistic

05. Andrea Rufa Goal 4:00    
    11:00 Goal 09. Witold Dytczak
09. Alex Munteanu Goal 12:00    
05. Andrea Rufa Goal 16:00    
    19:00 Goal 09. Witold Dytczak
    21:00 Goal 16. Maciej Knysak
    22:00 Goal 44. Jakub Rataj
11. Moraru Marian Goal 26:00    
    28:00 Goal 11. Adrian Baran
    30:00 Goal 16. Maciej Knysak
    39:00 Goal 16. Maciej Knysak
14. Denis Kadri Goal 38:00    
14. Denis Kadri Goal 41:00    
    43:00 Goal 44. Jakub Rataj
OWN GOAL Goal 45:00    
    48:00 Goal 16. Maciej Knysak

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Maciej Knysak
In the last two games Polish Drinkers took six points against Champion and Runner up of League 1. This night, leaded by unstoppable Maciej Knysak, Polish Drinkers managed to win against the Champion of PAI League. In very interesting match, who didn't decide anything but has to be played for the honour, Polish Drinkers had more concentration to use opponent's mistakes. Axl Affiliates used this opportunity to try couple of youngsters and couple of them should be ready for the next season. As one of the main candidates for the title of the Team who improved the most this season, Polish Drinkers finishing in the middle of standing table of League 1.
PlayerMan of the match
16. Maciej Knysak1