Polish Drinkers vs Touchbet

Polish Drinkers vs Touchbet

18.09.2020 21:00
League 1 – DAY 13

Player statistic

    19:00 Goal 1. Jonathan Currle
16. Maciej Knysak Goal 26:00    
16. Maciej Knysak Yellow Card 28:00    
16. Maciej Knysak Goal 30:00    
44. Jakub Rataj Goal 38:00    
    39:00 Goal 02. Felix Preussner
16. Maciej Knysak Goal 42:00    
16. Maciej Knysak Goal 43:00    
06. Dawid Kowalski Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Man of the match
Jakub Rataj
Total football in Luxol. Amazing, real League 1 game between Polish Drinkers and Touchbet. Half time score was 1:0 for Touchbet by amazing volley of Jonathan Currle and strong defence from both sides. With 5 players in play, Touchbet included goalkeeper in ball circulation and control the match in first part. In the second half Polish took over the ball and started to play more patient and confident. Touchbet, who had yesterday strong match against Betfirst, didn't have an answer and very fast Polish Drinkers managed to score and make the game draw. Finish of the game belong to Polish Drinkers and five minutes before the end of the match Jakub Rataj with two scores brought three points to his team. Touchbet finished the League with 28 points from 14 matches and on Monday they have 1/4 Final match of PAI Cup against Betfirst, while Polish Drinkers have last match of the Season 19/20 on Wednesday against new Champion of PAI League Axl Affiliates.
PlayerMan of the match
44. Jakub Rataj1