Aspire Global vs Tipico

Aspire Global vs Tipico

24.11.2021 20:00
League 1 21/22 – DAY 3

Player statistic

07. Paul Ellul Goal 5:00    
    6:00 Goal 24. Alexander Shchepetkin
    18:00 Goal 14. Axel Kindler
07. Paul Ellul Goal 19:00    
    24:00 Goal 24. Alexander Shchepetkin
07. Paul Ellul Goal 32:00    
17. Jonas Vilhelmssen Goal 33:00    
    35:00 Goal 14. Axel Kindler
08. Michael Debono Goal 46:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Paul Ellul
Very first match in the Season 21/22 for Tipico ended by defeat. In a very uncertain match, Aspire Global, who came with strongest line up but without a goalkeeper, was a better rival and took all three points from this match. Alex Shchepetkin carried Tipico through the first half and they managed to conclude that part of the game by one goal up. In the second half, Tipico needed at least one more moody player to oppose to Aspire Global. In 33rd minute, Jonas Vilhelmssen brings the advantage to Aspire, but only two minutes later Alex Kindler equalizes at 4:4. Last ten minutes of the match, was very hard to watch, as both teams wanted to win, so the game was on the verge of a foul. Two minutes before the end of the match, after one wrong pass by Tipico's defender, number 23 Michael Debono from Aspire Global took the ball and after couple of drillings, scored. Next week, Aspire Global should play against Esports Technologies, while Tipico will try to take points from the match against leader of League 1, PwC Malta.
PlayerMan of the match
07. Paul Ellul1