Casino Malta vs PwC Malta

Casino Malta vs PwC Malta

24.11.2021 21:00
League 1 21/22 – DAY 3

Player statistic

9. Vincenzo Esposito Goal 2:00    
    3:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
14. Claudio Calabra Goal 12:00    
09. Giovanni Rosalia Goal 17:00    
    19:00 Goal 02. Edward Attard
12. Alessandro Papaleo Goal 30:00    
    32:00 Goal 09. Fahed El Zaher
    33:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
    36:00 Goal 12. Gaetano Gesualdi
    39:00 Goal 09. Fahed El Zaher
    41:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
02. Ivan Tavilla Goal 42:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Miguel Borg
After this game, the Casino Malta has only a theoretical chance of remaining in the first league. Although they led in the first half of the match, they failed to withstand the pressure and strong attacks of the PwC Malta team. Gaetano, Miguel, Fahed and Edward have once again shown that they make a team with character that is able to turn almost every game in their favour. PwC Malta are currently at the top of the first division and with Aspire Global and Zeus’s Boys are the main competitors to win the title. Next week Casino Malta have a break, while PwC should play against Tipico.
PlayerMan of the match
05. Miguel Borg1