Esports Technologies vs Polish Drinkers

Esports Technologies vs Polish Drinkers

21.02.2022 20:30
League 1 21/22 – DAY 2

Player statistic

    5:00 Goal 02. Santiago
    15:00 Goal 02. Santiago
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 16:00    
09. Toraino Singleton Goal 26:00    
    27:00 Goal 02. Santiago
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 40:00    
09. Toraino Singleton Goal 43:00    
    45:00 Goal 11. Thomas Pluim
    46:00 Goal 02. Santiago
    48:00 Goal 02. Santiago

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
At the right moment, the first victory in the league comes as a lifeline for the Polish Drinkers. Against an experienced Esports Technology team, they showed that they can fight equally against the best teams in the league and it would be a shame if they failed in fight for remaining in League 1. Creative solutions in the attack and hard defence gave them an advantage at halftime of 2:1. . In the second half, over Toro, Esports Technology came to an equalizer, but just a minute later, Santiago again shook the net and returned the Poles to +1. Game followed with a lot of solid duels on the verge of a foul until the 40th minute of the game when Nuno Carvalhoto, after a corner, equalized the score to 3:3. Driven by an equalizer, two minutes later, Toro scored again for Esports Technology and, for the first time in the match, they took the lead. In the previous three games, due to lack of experience, the Poles lost points in the last quarter of the match. To prevent this from happening again, 5 minutes before the end of the match Thomas Pluim, on Roger Rybarczyk's pass, scored the equalizer. And when everyone thought that the game would end with the division of points, a controversial situation occurred, and Esports Technology players demanded a penalty. The referee's whistle remained silent, which angered the Esports, who were tired of the fight, allowed Polish to score two more goals by the end of the game and take all three points from this more the interesting match. Next match for Esports Technology will be against Casino Malta on Wednesday, team who is already members of League 2, while Polish Drinkers, on the same day, are playing against leader of the League 1, Aspire Global. It will be interesting to watch the match between PwC Malta and Zeus's Boys, which is on Thursday, and could bring denouement of the situation.
PlayerMan of the match
02. Santiago1