Polish Drinkers vs PwC Malta

Polish Drinkers vs PwC Malta

15.02.2022 20:30
League 1 21/22 – DAY 7

Player statistic

10. Brandon Farrugia Goal 10:00    
    12:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
01. Marcin Weber Goal 17:00    
11. Thomas Pluim Goal 22:00    
    34:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
09. Lukasz Grodzki Goal 36:00    
09. Lukasz Grodzki Goal 38:00    
    40:00 Goal 23. Luke Zammit
    41:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
10. Brandon Farrugia Goal 42:00    
    43:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg
    47:00 Goal 05. Miguel Borg

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Miguel Borg
After first half of the match, where Polish Drinkers showed their potential in full, it was hard to expect that PwC Malta can get back and gain some points from this match. Polish Drinkers played very creative in possession stage, always managed to find a hole in PwC Malta's high pressing. Result of such extraordinary game was advantage at the half time. In second half, nature of phoenix, which players of PwC Malta demonstrate couple of times this season, come up again, and they managed to first get back to the game and later on to score for draw and one point from this match. General impression is that Polish Drinkers lost points from this match due to a lack of experience so they allow to PwC Malta to create tension on the pitch in the moments when someone has to stay on the ball. This was the first point for Polish Drinkers who don't have an easy task as in following matches they will try to avoid relegation to League 2. Besides them PwC is on secure place, still in running for a title.
PlayerMan of the match
05. Miguel Borg1