Polish Drinkers vs Tipico

Polish Drinkers vs Tipico

13.12.2021 21:00
League 1 21/22 – DAY 1

Player statistic

    4:00 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
    11:00 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
    16:00 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
04. Elco Van Stipriaan Goal 17:00    
06. Dawid Kowalski Goal 23:00    
11. Thomas Pluim Goal 24:00    
11. Thomas Pluim Goal 32:00    
    41:00 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
    47:00 Goal 11. Mark Stinchcombe

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Niklas Von Der Warth
Polish Drinkers and Tipico played one tough to watch match. Cold weather, especially for the players from the bench, at the end of the half-season, left the players demotivated to give the best of their abilities. The only player in the mood to play was Niklas Von Der Warth, who made a difference and brought his team the necessary three points in the further continuation of the championship. The Polish Drinkers have proven that they did not stray into the first league, so we are waiting for better weather to show all their potential in the fight to save their place in the first league. Tipico will play against the Zeus Boys on Thursday, while the Polish Drinkers will have a break, after which they will have four more games until the official start of the second part of the season.
PlayerMan of the match
07. Niklas Von Der Warth1