Casino Malta vs Tipico

Casino Malta vs Tipico

09.03.2022 20:30
League 1 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 01

Player statistic

    2:00 Goal 10. Phillip Schueler
    17:00 Goal 10. Phillip Schueler
    18:40 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
    23:01 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
    26:00 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 27:29    
06. Nikola Milicevic Goal 28:40    
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 29:05    
    29:30 Goal 07. Niklas Von Der Warth
06. Nikola Milicevic Goal 31:02    
    34:50 Goal 24. Alexander Shchepetkin
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 36:47    
    37:30 Goal 24. Alexander Shchepetkin
10. Antonio Buffon Goal 38:40    
06. Nikola Milicevic Goal 42:08    
04. Demetrio Buffon Goal 43:11    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Nikolai Nikola
In the game that opened the second part of the season in First League a big turnaround was seen. Casino Malta, which has so far been considered as team that quickly falls down, managed from a deficit to get a result that is favourable for them. Against the current leader on the table Tipico, they lost 4:0 at half time and it seemed that a big defeat would follow. Tipico held all the threads of the game in their hands. They played great defence and Casino Malta failed to find a way to reach the goal. In a second half players of Casino Malta has to go for all or nothing. With five players in the field, a surplus was created, and Tipico's defence did not know how to oppose it. With a quick three goals, within two minutes, Casino was back in the game, but Niklas Von Der Warth, soon put things back in place. And when everyone thought the game was coming to a peaceful end, the Casino Malta goalkeeper Nicola Nikolai with a few fantastic goals from a distance managed to keep the Casino in the game. At result 7:8, Casino Malta took advantage of Tipico's inattention, and a few minutes before the end of the game managed to equalize. Although Tipico was left without a win, they managed to break into the top spot in the first division as Aspire has lost against Zeus Boys, while the Casino came close to just two points behind PWC which was free this round. Next week, Tipico will try to escape Aspire Global, which is free, at +4, by beating PWC Malta, while Casino Malta has a big test against the Zeus Boys playing in great form.