Tipico vs Zeus’s Boys

Tipico vs Zeus’s Boys

25.05.2022 21:30
League 1 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 10

Player statistic

19. Charles Polidano Goal 5'    
36. Jesse Caruana Goal 15'    
20. Kevin Bornfleth Goal 20'    
    28' Goal 13. Mattias De Smidt
10. Phillip Schueler Goal 45'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Niklas Von Der Warth
PAI League has a new champion. Tipico managed to use the first match ball and, one game before the end of the season, secured first place on the standing  table of League 1. Against the Zeus Boys, who needed points in the fight to survive in the first league, they've played the most mature and organized game of the season. At no point did they allow their victory to be called into question. After 3:0 at half time, it was clear to everyone that Tipico is the new champion of the PAI League for the 21/22 season. However, at the beginning of the second half, the Zeus Boys managed to score, which opened up hope and gave the impetus for a better game below. An approach followed in which the Zeus Boys attacked frantically, but simply did not have the strength to turn around. Tipico focused on defending his goal and after one quick counter-attack they managed to score for 4:1, which was the final result of the match. Congratulations to Tipico on an outstanding play throughout the season.