Zeus’s Boys vs Aspire Global

Zeus’s Boys vs Aspire Global

16.02.2022 21:30
League 1 21/22 – DAY 7

Player statistic

    10:00 Goal 27. Mads Lynnerup
    12:00 Goal 25. Charles Azzopardi
    14:00 Goal 07. Paul Ellul
    17:00 Goal 25. Charles Azzopardi
    29:00 Goal 27. Mads Lynnerup
11. Nathan Riley Goal 34:00    
    37:00 Goal 07. Paul Ellul
11. Nathan Riley Goal 38:00    
01. Simon Larsson Goal 39:00    
    42:00 Goal 27. Mads Lynnerup

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Mads Lynnerup
After 4:0 on the half time it was clear that Zeus's Boys will not see any points from this game. Fourth victory in a row for Aspire Global, who are now taking a leader position in League 1 from Tipico. Without couple of key players who left Zeus's Boys during the winter break, it is simply not the same team. Till the end of the first half of the season, Aspire Global will try to continue their run against the Polish Drinkers, team who are trying to avoid relegation to League 2, while Zeus's Boys have a match against direct competitor PwC Malta.
PlayerMan of the match
27. Mads Lynnerup1