Armstrong Moonwalkers vs Flutter

Armstrong Moonwalkers vs Flutter

16.05.2023 20:30
League 1 - Round 14 - 22/23

Player statistic

1st half
19. Robin Barwén Goal 1:00    
15. Tobias Carlsson Goal 3:00    
19. Robin Barwén Goal 4:00    
    6:00 Goal 23. Alex Zanandrea
    9:00 Goal 19. Teofil Costache
14. Jim Wikar Goal 19:00    
12. Tomas Calmfors Goal 22:00    
2nd half
    28:00 Goal 19. Teofil Costache
    34:00 Goal 07. Alexis Manthos
    41:00 Goal 07. Alexis Manthos
    48:00 Goal 07. Alexis Manthos

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alexis Manthos
Armstrong Moonwalkers faced off against Flutter in an intense and thrilling match. The game started with Armstrong taking an early lead, scoring three goals in quick succession. They seemed to become complacent after that, allowing Flutter to take advantage of their relaxed state. Flutter, known for their experienced tactics, capitalized on this opportunity and caught up with Armstrong. However, just before the end of the first half, Armstrong managed to score two more goals, giving them a comfortable three-goal lead at halftime. In the second half, Flutter came back with a more focused approach. Their passes were creative, and they found solutions in their attacks. They played patiently on defense, waiting for their chances to strike. Opportunities arose one after another, and Flutter successfully converted them, leveling the score 7 minutes before the match ended with a goal from Alexis Manthos. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Armstrong stepped up their game. They fought hard to find the winning goal, but Flutter's defense became even more concentrated, determined to salvage at least one point from the match. In a tense moment, a mistake from Armstrong's goalkeeper led to an open goal opportunity, but a defender from Flutter used his hand to stop the shot. A penalty was awarded, but many were left puzzled as to why the defender wasn't sent off. Unfortunately for Armstrong, their goalkeeper failed to convert the penalty, and as fate would have it, Flutter swiftly counterattacked and scored the winning goal in the last minute of the match. It was a nail-biting encounter that propelled Flutter to the second position in League 1. Their performance throughout the season earned them the title of the best newcomer team in the league. Armstrong still has a good chance of remaining in League 1 for the next season. They have two more matches left, and on May 24th, they will play a postponed 1/4 Final match of the PAI Cup against NOUV. If they win, they will have an opportunity for revenge against Flutter, who have already secured a place in the Cup's Semi-final.