Aspire Global vs Armstrong Moonwalkers

Aspire Global vs Armstrong Moonwalkers

31.05.2023 21:00
League 1 - Round 15 - 22/23

Player statistic

2nd half
27. Mads Lynnerup Goal 28:00    
21. Tristain Spiteri Goal 30:00    
21. Tristain Spiteri Goal 34:00    
27. Mads Lynnerup Goal 40:00    
    43:00 Goal 10. John Olsen

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Mads Lynnerup
Aspire Global is on fire in the Top League! They have won three games in a row in the past two weeks and climbed up to the second position in the rankings. Their latest match was against last year's champions, Casino Malta. Despite Casino Malta not fielding their strongest lineup, it didn't affect Aspire Global's victory. They played amazingly, showing great aggression and making numerous runs without the ball, which made a huge impact. In the first half, Casino Malta put up a good fight, but in the second half, Aspire Global went all out and built a lead that Casino Malta couldn't catch up to by the end of the match. Just two days later, Aspire Global faced off against Flutter, and they displayed their dominance. The partnership of Mads Lyneruup and Jacob Charles, built over the years, has resulted in a strong team where every position is covered by talented players who understand their roles. Flutter didn't stand a chance in this match. Yesterday, PWC suffered the same fate at the hands of Aspire Global. Right from the start of the match, Aspire Global took control and secured another routine victory. Jacob Charles was outstanding and likely solidified his position as the top goal scorer in the league. The next match, scheduled for Wednesday, will be between Armstrong and Aspire Global. Both teams have been in fantastic form, but we slightly favor Aspire Global. On the other side, Armstrong Moonwalkers have recently been promoted to League 1 and are eagerly awaiting their semi-final match against Flutter. It will be fascinating to watch this exciting match unfold.
PlayerMan of the match
27. Mads Lynnerup1