Flutter vs Tipico

Flutter vs Tipico

30.11.2022 19:00
League 1 - Round 7 - 22/23

Player statistic

1st half
    4' Goal 09. Alexis Georgiou
    11' Goal 27. Bora Bilgic
09. Zac Micallef Goal 18'    
22. Osvaldo Capone Goal 20'    
2nd half
    26' Goal 27. Bora Bilgic
21. Cian Crowley Goal 29'    
09. Zac Micallef Goal 32'    
09. Zac Micallef Goal 34'    
    38' Goal 01. Armin Mollen
19. Teofil Costache Goal 43'    
    46' Goal 09. Alexis Georgiou

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alex Zanandrea
A debutant in the PAI League Flutter, managed to beat last year's champion Tipico. Although, after 2:2 at half-time, Tipico seemed to be in control of the game, Flutter managed to take control and at one point created a two-goal advantage, which was unattainable for the rivals. Flutter came to the very important points that will mean a lot to them in the fight to avoid relegation from League 1.
PlayerMan of the match
23. Alex Zanandrea1