PwC Malta vs Tipico

PwC Malta vs Tipico

14.03.2023 21:30
League 1 - Round 9 - 22/23

Player statistic

    2' Goal 11. Alexis Georgiou
    10' Goal 03. Andrew Catania
11. Kieran Ferry Goal 12'    
11. Kieran Ferry Goal 16'    
02. Luke Camenzuli Goal 17'    
10. Brandon Farrugia Goal 30'    
05. Dormond Micallef Goal 41'    
11. Kieran Ferry Goal 42'    
OWN GOAL Goal 46'    
10. Brandon Farrugia Goal 47'    
10. Brandon Farrugia Goal 48'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Luke Camenzuli
After three consecutive defeats Tipico came into a position to fight for survival in League 1. Depending on the results of the last round matches, it is possible that Tipico will play the finish of this season in League 2. PWC Malta played their probably best game of the season with exceptional creativity in attack, lot of shots and attractive passes. Next week, the PAI Cup will be played, Tipico against Polish Drinkers, and PWC Malta against Armtrong Moonwalkers.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
02. Luke Camenzuli11
05. Dormond Micallef1
10. Brandon Farrugia3
11. Kieran Ferry3
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
03. Andrew Catania1
11. Alexis Georgiou1