Besedo vs Boss Gaming Solutions

Besedo vs Boss Gaming Solutions

10.03.2020 19:00
League 2 – DAY 9

Player statistic

2. Miguel Alcaraz Goal 2:00    
10. Andres Do Couto Goal 4:00    
    7:00 Goal 08. Luke Baldacchino
19. Nicolai Luca Goal 14:00    
4. Borja Lopez Goal 16:00    
19. Nicolai Luca Goal 18:00    
    26:00 Goal 12. Jaz Cable
19. Nicolai Luca Goal 38:00    
10. Andres Do Couto Goal 40:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Nicolai Luca
In derby of League 2 everything was clear from the beginning of the match. Besedo started very good and in the first half they already had an unreachable advantage of 5:1. In second half Betway tried something but impression is that they played all the match without any idea in possession stage. Next week we re all expecting PAI Cup matches - Besedo will play against GIG Fair and Fun while Betway have a hard task to stop UNO who had 8 matches unbeaten in row.
PlayerMan of the match
19. Nicolai Luca1