Besedo vs Rabbit Entertainment

Besedo vs Rabbit Entertainment

03.03.2020 19:00
League 2 – DAY 8

Player statistic

3. Walter Araoz Goal 3:00    
    13:00 Goal 4. Joao Piteira
19. Nicolai Luca Yellow Card 20:00    
5. Victor Lopez Goal 28:00    
2. Miguel Alcaraz Goal 30:00    
17. Andrea Fra Goal 34:00    
15. Simone Re Goal 43:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alejandro Garcia
Another amazing match by Besedo. With strong defense as a base, they manage to score six goals by six different players. Betclicers was equal opponent only in first half but since they haven't more then players on the pitch, it was very hard to keep the same level of play in the second half when they fall down and let the Besedo to take all three points from this match. Next week Besedo, who still keeps the leader's position play against Betway while Betclicers will try to run away from the last position in match against Polish Drinkers.
PlayerMan of the match
1. Alejandro Garcia1