Catena Media vs DP / Milmar

Catena Media vs DP / Milmar

12.08.2020 20:00
League 2 – DAY 13

Player statistic

    1:00 Goal 07. Milos Otasevic
    4:00 Goal 05. Zeljko Brkovic
    12:00 Goal 06. Stevanovic Milos
    13:00 Goal 07. Milos Otasevic
2. Anti Nousi Goal 21:00    
    23:00 Goal 25. Boban Milovanovic
    43:00 Goal 06. Stevanovic Milos
    43:00 Goal 07. Milos Otasevic
    44:00 Goal 06. Stevanovic Milos
    46:00 Goal 10. Nebojsa Mijailovic

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Stevanovic Milos
After elimination from the PAI Cup, DP/Milmar had an opportunity to rematch against Catena Media and they use it in best possible way. During the whole match no one made a question who will take all three points. With couple of new players DP played really good in possesion stage and very organised in defense. Next week, Catena Media have an opportunity to run away from danger zone, while DP/Milmar should play against Genting Bet in order to get closer to second place in League 2 and promotion.