Catena Media vs Rabbit Entertainment

Catena Media vs Rabbit Entertainment

04.08.2020 21:00
League 2 – DAY 12

Player statistic

    8:00 Goal 99. Radu Vlase
    10:00 Goal 22. Sean Byrne
13. Kurt Borg Goal 12:00    
    14:00 Goal 12. Charlot Baldacchino
    15:00 Goal 99. Radu Vlase
    18:00 Yellow Card 12. Charlot Baldacchino
13. Kurt Borg Goal 19:00    
    20:00 Goal 09. Bardhi Bunguri
    23:00 Goal 11. Joe Follett
18. Alex Ellul Goal 24:00    
2. Anti Nousi Goal 25:00    
    29:00 Yellow Card 89. Serafino Vaccino
2. Anti Nousi Goal 29:00    
    37:00 Goal 09. Bardhi Bunguri
13. Kurt Borg Goal 41:00    
13. Kurt Borg Goal 42:00    
    44:00 Goal 22. Sean Byrne
    45:00 Goal 99. Radu Vlase
13. Kurt Borg Goal 46:00    
    46:00 Goal 99. Radu Vlase
    48:00 Goal 99. Radu Vlase

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Radu Vlase
Rabbit Ent made a first step on their path to runaway from danger zone. In derby of bottom part of the standing table, they were better team against Catena Media. First eight minutes was quite, since Rabbits plays with second team and experimenting with tactics. But then couple of players step into the game and created advantage. Catena Media simply didn't have enough players ready to play. Leaded by Kurt Borg and Alex Ellul, they created draw, couple of minutes before the end of the match but that was their maximum. Radu Vlase and company needed only last five minutes to take what did they came for. First three points in Rabbit's pocket as a stimulation before match against leader of Top League Axl Affiliates, should be enough?
PlayerMan of the match
99. Radu Vlase1