DP / Milmar vs Besedo

DP / Milmar vs Besedo

05.08.2020 20:00
League 2 – DAY 12

Player statistic

05. Zeljko Brkovic Goal 18:00    
05. Zeljko Brkovic Goal 34:00    
    41:00 Goal 3. Walter Araoz

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Zeljko Brkovic
The new team, DP Milmar, managed to inflict the first defeat to a leader of League 2, Besedo. Squad of very good individuals, still searching for a right chemistry in the team, completely outplayed Besedo. DP Milmar created a lot of chances but did not manage to score  And it could get back to them when, at the end of the match,Walter Araoz scores. But experience of Besedo's players was not enough to remain unbeaten from this match. Next week DP Milmar should play two times against Catena Media - once in PAI Cup and another one in League 2, while Besedo plays against Tumas Gaming on Wednesday at 8 PM.
PlayerMan of the match
05. Zeljko Brkovic1