DP / Milmar vs Tumas Gaming

DP / Milmar vs Tumas Gaming

23.09.2020 20:00
League 2 – DAY 14

Player statistic

10. Nebojsa Mijailovic Goal 1:00    
07. Milos Otasevic Goal 9:00    
09. Miroslav Vukas Goal 18:00    
    19:00 Goal 10. Leandro Morgana
04. Stankic Nenad Goal 23:00    
04. Stankic Nenad Goal 28:00    
10. Nebojsa Mijailovic Goal 29:00    
09. Miroslav Vukas Goal 31:00    
25. Boban Milovanovic Goal 37:00    
05. Zeljko Brkovic Goal 40:00    
09. Miroslav Vukas Goal 43:00    
09. Miroslav Vukas Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Miroslav Vukas
DP / Milmar is just one step to get a promotion to League 1 next season. Tumas Gaming came without the subs and the game was equal till they have an energy to play. It's very hard to follow the level and tempo of the match without ability to replace some of tired players. On Monday, DP/ Milmar should play against Boss Gaming Solutions and who win in that match will get a promotion to League 1.
PlayerMan of the match
09. Miroslav Vukas1