Rabbit Entertainment vs Casino Malta

Rabbit Entertainment vs Casino Malta

15.09.2020 21:00
League 2 – DAY 11

Player statistic

20. Eduardo Valdespina Goal 4:00    
09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 5:00    
    9:00 Goal 5. Rocco Ianna
    11:00 Goal 10. Antonio Buffon
    12:00 Goal 10. Antonio Buffon
    14:00 Goal 11. Davide Martini
    15:00 Goal 10. Antonio Buffon
    17:00 Goal 11. Davide Martini
    18:00 Goal 5. Rocco Ianna
    20:00 Goal 11. Davide Martini
09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 23:00    
22. Sean Byrne Goal 26:00    
20. Eduardo Valdespina Goal 27:00    
09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 28:00    
09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 32:00    
22. Sean Byrne Goal 34:00    
22. Sean Byrne Goal 35:00    
09. Bardhi Bunguri Goal 36:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Bardhi Bunguri
After starting 2:0 for Rabbits, one of Casino Malta's player got injured and they have to continue with 4 players in the field. It seemed that match was already lost. But Antonio Buffon, Davide Martini and Rocco Ianna played well and half time finished by result 8:3 for Casino Malta. In second half, another story: Rabbits starts to play more organised, with strong defence and high pressure. They forced opponents to make mistakes and did't allow them to play at all. Very fast, they scored three goals, and come closer. Ten minutes before the final whistle, Rabbits scored for 10:8, and till the end they managed to save the result. Casino Malta have only theoretical chances to get a promotion while Rabbits have two more matches to try to run away from relegation zone.
PlayerMan of the match
09. Bardhi Bunguri1