Armstrong Operations vs Comeon

Armstrong Operations vs Comeon

23.11.2021 19:00
League 2 21/22 – DAY 3

Player statistic

08. Fredrik Johansson Goal 12:00    
06. Tomas Bergendal Goal 25:00    
    28:00 Goal 11. Jonas Sørensen
    30:00 Goal 07. Billy Cook
    45:00 Goal 11. Jonas Sørensen
00. Simon Sandsodden Goal 46:00    
    48:00 Goal 07. Francesco Tanti

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Tim Vindehall
Although Comeon Group lost the second game in a row, they are playing better and better from game to game. Against the extremely good Armstrong Operations team, in the first ten minutes of the game, Comeon managed to completely control the ball. Very creative solutions in possession stage and disciplined play in recovery phase really surprised Armstrong Operations who came to win. After the first goal, Comeon Group lost their form and very quickly, by the end of the first half, conceded two more cheap goals by Armstrong. In the second half, with the result 2:4, Comeon had two good chances to score, but they did not have enough concentration in the end. When, at the beginning of the second half, Frederik Johansson stepped on the goal, Armstrong lost a lot of strength in the field, but freed up a space for some other players to prove themselves. One of such players, Jim Vindehall, took the title of the player of the match, because he made a difference by scoring four times and brought three new points for his team. Next week, Comeon will have another hard task to remain unbeaten against Nouv, team who took all three points from a match against Armstrong Operations.