Harvest Technology PLC vs Armstrong Operations

Harvest Technology PLC vs Armstrong Operations

15.02.2022 21:30
League 2 21/22 – DAY 7

Player statistic

13. Dylan Attard Goal 1:00    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 9:00    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 16:00    
    19:00 Goal 07. Tomek Fikas
10. Dylan Bonnici Drago Goal 22:00    
07. Fabrizio Ficco Yellow Card 43:00    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Dylan Attard
In a very interesting match who might decide which of those two teams will avoid relegation to League 3, Harvest Technology scored in a last minute for a victory and gained all three points against Armstrong Operations. Game started with quick goal by Dylan Attard and even more faster equalizing by Armstrong Operations. This scenario repeated three times in first half on every ten minutes. Harvest Technology played well and organized in possession stage, but in a defence something wasn't worked well and somehow Armstrong Operations managed to score three times in the first half. Armstrong Operations played good but they were missing couple of key players and that fact affect on the situation on the pitch. In a second half, both teams played carefully, without high pressing. Armstrong Operations patiently waiting for their chances and in 41st minute of the match Markus Krefors scored for 4:4. In continuation they have couple of great chances to score for a win but they didn't have enough concentration in finishing. In the last minute of the match, one of Armstrong's players made crucial mistake and pass the ball directly to Dylan Attard, who was alone in front of goalkeeper...  This was the last match of Harvest Technology, in the first half of the season, who now waiting for results from other matches to see in which league they will continue the competition. Dislike them, Armstrong Operations has everything in their hands, and if they took six points from last two matches, they will avoid relegation to League 3.
PlayerMan of the match
13. Dylan Attard1