NOUV MT vs Armstrong Operations

NOUV MT vs Armstrong Operations

09.11.2021 21:00
League 2 21/22 – DAY 2

Player statistic

07. Brendan Camilleri Goal 2:00    
08. Mark Borg Goal 11:00    
    13:00 Goal 08. Fredrik Johansson
08. Mark Borg Goal 32:00    
08. Mark Borg Goal 33:00    
07. Brendan Camilleri Goal 36:00    
08. Mark Borg Goal 41:00    
    42:00 Goal 09. Philip Håkansson
08. Mark Borg Goal 48:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Mark Borg
The very last team who applied for the new season and skip the qualification stage, managed to surprise everyone and pick up all the spoils in front of the noses of the favoured Armstrong Operations. A team made up mostly of older, more experienced players, who know how to play to the result, took the lead at the beginning of the first half with two goals difference. It is general opinion that Armstrong Operations underestimated them but by the end of the first half, they only managed to reduce the score to 2:1 over their best player Fredrik Johansson. In second half, NOUV MT concentrated on the defence and through quick counter-attacks successfully increased their advantage. Besides the final result 7: 2, we should also mention the fantastic goal by Mark Borg made it by bicycle overhead kick at the middle of the second half. Next week is a break, due to SIGMA Festival and we're continuing on Monday 22nd of November.
PlayerMan of the match
08. Mark Borg1