Soft2Bet vs Armstrong Operations

Soft2Bet vs Armstrong Operations

01.11.2021 21:00
League 2 21/22 – DAY 1

Player statistic

99. Radu Vlase Goal 1:00    
10. Kjetil Skandsen Goal 5:00    
    10:00 Goal 08. Fredrik Johansson
10. Kjetil Skandsen Goal 21:00    
99. Radu Vlase Goal 27:00    
    33:00 Goal 08. Fredrik Johansson
99. Radu Vlase Goal 36:00    
    41:00 Goal 00. Simon Sandsodden

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Fredrik Johansson
In the first match of League 2, Armstrong Operations showed more determination and concentration and, in a very interesting match, against Soft2Bet, managed to collect all three points. Soft2Bet started well and, through the biggest reinforcement this season Radu Vlase, managed to take the lead at the very beginning of the match. But Armstrong Operations did not allow them to move away much in terms of results and the half time ended in a draw. In the second half, the experience of Fredrik Johansson prevailed. He managed to help his team create an unattainable advantage and ensure a sure victory for his team. Next week Soft2Bet, will play against Comeon Group, while Armstrong Operations will have an opportunity to welcome another new team in the competition, NOUV MT.
PlayerMan of the match
08. Fredrik Johansson1