Esports Technologies vs Harvest Technology PLC

Esports Technologies vs Harvest Technology PLC

04.04.2022 20:30
League 2 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 04

Player statistic

    3' Goal 13. Dylan Attard
08. Rui Barroso Goal 9'    
08. Rui Barroso Goal 11'    
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 19'    
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 20'    
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 27'    
07. Nuno Carvalhoto Goal 29'    
08. Rui Barroso Goal 30'    
05. Eduardo Alhinho Goal 31'    
02. Filomeno Santos Goal 37'    
08. Rui Barroso Goal 40'    
05. Eduardo Alhinho Goal 42'    
05. Eduardo Alhinho Goal 43'    
02. Filomeno Santos Goal 45'    
    46' Goal 13. Dylan Attard

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Rui Barroso
We had to wait six months for the first victory of the season for Esports Technologies. The Harvest Technology players came to play and fight for points but it was simply not enough. In the third minute of the game, they took the lead by ,first of two goals in the match, of Dylan Attard, but that was all. Far more experienced and, at this moment, better team of Esports Technology, proved that they have not forgotten to play football. Harvest Technology is free next week, while Esports Technology will play against the Polish Drinkers.
PlayerMan of the match
08. Rui Barroso1