Harvest Technology PLC vs NOUV

Harvest Technology PLC vs NOUV

04.05.2022 20:30
League 2 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 07

Player statistic

10. Dylan Bonnici Drago Goal 3'    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 17'    
    20' Goal 08. Mark Borg
    32' Goal 08. Mark Borg
    35' Goal 03. Melvyn Darmanin
13. Dylan Attard Goal 36'    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 39'    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 41'    
    43' Goal 13. Manuele Vagnoli

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Dylan Attard
Duel of two newcomer teams in the PAI League, belonged to Harvest Technology. In an equal match, the team that wanted to win more won. At the very beginning, we saw two goals in the NOUV's net, but then there was a reversal, and NOUV took the lead in the middle of the second half. However, then Harvest's best player, Dylan Attard, enters the scene and with three tied goals, provides a safe finish and three new points for his team. By the end of the season, NOUV has three and Harvest only two games. Those two teams will decide in the final which team will have to leave the second league.
PlayerMan of the match
13. Dylan Attard1