Harvest Technology PLC vs Polish Drinkers

Harvest Technology PLC vs Polish Drinkers

25.04.2022 20:30
League 2 - 2021/2022 - Spring - DAY 06

Player statistic

    1' Goal 16. Thomas
    3' Goal 09. Lukasz Grodzki
10. Dylan Bonnici Drago Goal 17'    
    18' Goal 09. Lukasz Grodzki
09. Silvio Sammut Goal 18'    
    22' Goal 05. Marco Braun
    23' Goal 16. Thomas
13. Dylan Attard Goal 25'    
13. Dylan Attard Goal 31'    
09. Silvio Sammut Goal 34'    
    41' Goal 05. Marco Braun
    44' Goal 09. Lukasz Grodzki
    47' Goal 16. Thomas
OWN GOAL Goal 48'    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Lukasz Grodzki
Great high tempo match. From the very beginning, the Polish Drinkers were the team that was in the lead. However, despite that, Harvest Technology did not give up and all the time somehow managed to keep the result connection. In the 34th minute of the match, in the middle of the second half, Silvio Sammut equalized for Harvest Technology. And at that moment, when they were supposed to break the game, they retreated and tried to defend the existing result. That practice and that mentality accompanies the Harvest Technology team throughout the season. It is as if the team lacks the confidence to turn the game in their favor at key moments. Instead, they lowered the pace of the game and allowed the Polish Drinkers to score three tied goals and win three new points. Next week Harvest will play against NOUV and will try to get closer to the middle of the table with a victory and avoid relegation. On the other hand, the Polish Drinkers are playing against Tumas Gaming, a game that can decide who will play in the first league next season.
PlayerMan of the match
09. Lukasz Grodzki1