Tumas Gaming vs Acroud Anacondas

Tumas Gaming vs Acroud Anacondas

08.11.2021 21:00
League 2 21/22 – DAY 2

Player statistic

10. Leandro Morgana Goal 1:00    
04. Luca Paganelo Goal 4:00    
05. Crupi Mario Goal 6:00    
05. Crupi Mario Goal 16:00    
06. Paolo Paolini Goal 34:00    
    35:00 Goal 04. Daryl Caruana
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 38:00    
05. Crupi Mario Goal 40:00    
06. Paolo Paolini Goal 41:00    
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 44:00    

Additional information

Man of the match
Leandro Morgana
Since last season, when they knocked the Polish Drinkers out of the cup, the Tumas Gaming have not felt the taste of victory. Last night that changed  and leaded by the Leandro Morgana, they very quickly broke the resistance of the Acroud Anacondas. A far greater experience prevailed and from the very beginning of the match Tumas was the one who control the pace of the game. Acroud is new team in the league, made up of quality individuals with good potential but without team spirit. Passing was always one touch late, every nobody's ball was lost. Next week is SIGMA Festival and we'll make a one week break but when we continue, Tumas Gaming will have an opportunity to play against another new team in the league, Harvest Technology, while Acroud Anacondas should play against NOUV MT.
PlayerMan of the match
10. Leandro Morgana1