Tumas Gaming vs Soft2Bet

Tumas Gaming vs Soft2Bet

29.11.2021 20:00
League 2 21/22 – DAY 4

Player statistic

14. Linelli Manuel Goal 4:00    
    5:00 Goal 11. Rob Ripley
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 8:00    
    11:00 Goal 11. Rob Ripley
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 12:00    
    15:00 Goal 02. Adriano Mintoff
10. Leandro Morgana Goal 32:00    
14. Linelli Manuel Goal 33:00    
    33:00 Goal 20. Steven Cachia
    41:00 Goal 20. Steven Cachia

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Steven Cachia
With strong wind, bad weather and terrible behaviour of the players, the second league derby between Soft2Bet and Tumas Gaming was played on Monday night. Before the game itself, there was a lot of talk about whether the game should be played or not. The players agreed to play, not wanting to postpone the long-awaited match. Both teams are in great shape, the lines have played together, the passes and shots have become precise and it was the right time to reconsider the forces. First half ended in a 3:3 draw. Tumas Gaming was gaining the advantage, but somehow Soft2Bet always managed to equalize. Same story in the second half. With the game on the verge of a foul, Leandro Morgana and Linelli Manuel ten minutes before the end of the game lead Tumas to the advantage of one goal difference. To keep the Soft2Bet team undefeated from this match, captain Steven Cachia, made an effort to equalize the score a few minutes before the end of the match and bring a gold-worthy point to his team. The division of points from this match was best used by the NOUV team, which broke out on the top position of the second league. Next week, Tumas should play against Armstrong Operations who are trying to run away from the relegation zone, while Soft2Bet will have opportunity to play on win against Acroud Anacondas.
PlayerMan of the match
20. Steven Cachia1