AKA Kreative Studio vs Casumo

AKA Kreative Studio vs Casumo

17.07.2020 20:00
League 3 - DAY 3

Player statistic

06. Niklas Nyman Goal 9:00    
    18:00 Goal 2. Fabio Cucciatti
12. Peter Everson Goal 25:00    
    47:00 Goal 08. Wayne Formosa

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Simon Larsson
Once again, Aka Kreative proved that they know how to play for results. This time they were so close to grab all three points from this match but, after huge pressure, in the last minute Casumo managed to score for 2:2 and stay unbeaten in this game. Next week Aka Kretive should play against Gig Fair&Fun while Casumo's next match will be in PAI Cup against PWC Malta from League 3 on 27th of July.
PlayerMan of the match
01. Simon Larsson1