AKA Kreative Studio vs GiG Fair and Fun

AKA Kreative Studio vs GiG Fair and Fun

20.07.2020 21:00
League 3 - DAY 2

Player statistic

    4:00 Goal 4. Mauro Leonardi
07. Alistair Sparrow Goal 14:00    
    20:00 Goal 9. Alexei Cauchi
    26:00 Goal 1. Andrew Borg
    34:00 Goal 13. Jonathan Martinelli
    37:00 Goal 9. Alexei Cauchi
    38:00 Goal 6. Ryan Castaletto
03. Nicklas Porsgaard Goal 41:00    
06. Niklas Nyman Goal 48:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Alexei Cauchi
In last four matches GIG Fair and Fun  doesn't know for defeat. This time Aka Kreative Studio did not have enough energy to oppose the playful GIG. During the all match Gig was the one who control the match. Only in last couple of minutes Aka Kreative showed their skill. Next match GIG plays against Stanleybet on Thursday while Aka Kreative is waiting to see who will replace Betclicers as their opponent in PAI Cup.
PlayerMan of the match
9. Alexei Cauchi1