AKA Kreative Studio vs Stanleybet

AKA Kreative Studio vs Stanleybet

03.08.2020 19:00
League 3 - DAY 5

Player statistic

18. Bart Lodder Goal 1:00    
    6:00 Goal 6. Robert Bugeja
    12:00 Goal 6. Robert Bugeja
09. Eero Meltti Goal 13:00    
    23:00 Goal 9. Niccolo Petrucci
8. Vladimir Repan Goal 27:00    
    32:00 Goal 4. Andrea Borgese
06. Niklas Nyman Goal 36:00    
12. Peter Everson Goal 38:00    
    39:00 Goal 9. Niccolo Petrucci
18. Bart Lodder Goal 46:00    
09. Eero Meltti Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Bart Lodder
In very interesting match between two teams with different goals in this season, AKA Kreative Studio who trying to won promotion and Stanleybet who is trying to avoid relegation to League 4, last three minutes of the match was crucial. Better concentration and focus management brought a new three points to AKA and put them on the second place of League 3. We're waiting for tomorrow's match between GIG Fair&Fun and PWC Malta to see will they remain there. Next week Stanleybet will try to get back on the track against Trident Trust, newcomers who still didn't feel the taste of winning, while AKA's match against Geogaming has been postponed for the beginning of September.