Stanleybet vs GiG Fair and Fun

Stanleybet vs GiG Fair and Fun

22.09.2020 21:00
League 3 - DAY 3

Player statistic

    7:00 Goal 9. Alexei Cauchi
    15:00 Goal 17. Kristov Cassar
12. Giorgio Ranieri Goal 18:00    
12. Giorgio Ranieri Goal 23:00    
    32:00 Goal 13. Jonathan Martinelli
    33:00 Goal 1. Andrew Borg
12. Giorgio Ranieri Goal 37:00    
    39:00 Goal 10. Jevon Demanuele
12. Giorgio Ranieri Goal 42:00    
    48:00 Goal 17. Kristov Cassar

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Giorgio Ranieri
In the game of very slow tempo because both teams played very carefully, GIG made a first score by their left footed goalkeeper Alexei, who opened the game in 7th minute of first half. After him, almost all players from GIG scored, which shows their amazing team play. In Stenleybet only Ranieri was ready to play and scored four goals but it was not enough for points against GIG in this match. This victory brings them to the second position in League 3, but we're waiting for all the games to be played to consider did GIG won promotion this year.
PlayerMan of the match
12. Giorgio Ranieri1