Tipico 2 vs GeoGaming

Tipico 2 vs GeoGaming

04.03.2020 21:00
League 3 – DAY 1

Player statistic

    1:00 Goal 9. Henry Carre
    4:00 Goal 2. Greg Gera
    6:00 Goal 9. Henry Carre
05. Daniel Schwitzky Goal 14:00    
6. Philipp Schuler Goal 15:00    
6. Philipp Schuler Goal 22:00    
6. Philipp Schuler Goal 23:00    
04. Ewgenij Renpenning Goal 26:00    
14. Axel Kindler Goal 28:00    
04. Ewgenij Renpenning Goal 29:00    
05. Daniel Schwitzky Goal 31:00    
    36:00 Goal 9. Henry Carre
14. Axel Kindler Goal 44:00    
05. Daniel Schwitzky Goal 47:00    

Additional information

Man of the match
Daniel Schwitzky
Geogaming had a furious start and after five minutes created advantage of 3:0 but then they simply stopped to play and Tipico knew how to use it. Till the half time it was 4:3 for Tipico. In the second half, Geogaming didn't have strength to get back in to the game and at the end Tipico took all three points from this match. Next week Tipico should play against Casumo, while Geogaming will try to get back on the right track in the match against PWC.
PlayerGoalYellow CardRed CardMan of the match
2. Greg Gera1
9. Henry Carre3