UNO vs GeoGaming

UNO vs GeoGaming

23.07.2020 20:30
League 3 - DAY 3

Player statistic

17. Gianluca Calabretta Goal 2:00    
5. Paul Calleja Goal 3:00    
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 14:00    
9. Daniel Gatt Goal 17:00    
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 18:00    
4. Keith Farrugia Goal 26:00    
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 27:00    
18. John Mizzi Goal 29:00    
    30:00 Goal 9. Henry Carre
    36:00 Goal 9. Henry Carre
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 37:00    
    38:00 Goal 9. Henry Carre
5. Paul Calleja Goal 43:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Nikki Vella Petroni
UNO are continuing their unbeaten run and after more then six wins in a row we could say that they deserve won promotion to League 2 next season. From the first minute of the match it was clear that Geogaming will not be able to collect any points from this match. They played fair and, on the moment, very creative but tonight it was simply not enought. Next week we have matches in PAI Cup, and both teams have qualified for the first round. On Monday  Uno should organise proper welcome to newcomers Boss Ltd, while Geogaming managed to avoid Gig Galacticos in first round and, in a transition re draw, they got Trident Trust as a rival.
PlayerMan of the match
6. Nikki Vella Petroni1