UNO vs Stanleybet

UNO vs Stanleybet

20.07.2020 19:00
League 3 - DAY 2

Player statistic

14. Julian Catugno Goal 3:00    
17. Gianluca Calabretta Goal 10:00    
17. Gianluca Calabretta Goal 20:00    
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 38:00    
22. Luca Lorefice Goal 43:00    
6. Nikki Vella Petroni Goal 46:00    

Additional information

Referee of the match
Man of the match
Nikki Vella Petroni
From the first moment it was obvious that Stanleybet  didn't came to be an easy catch. They played hard with lots of creativity in possession stage and didn't allow to UNO to go two goals up. Unfortunately due to the big tension, couple of players showed disrespect to the Competition by constantly complaining and very bad behaviour. Next match for Stanleybet is on Thursday against very strong GIG, while UNO postponed their match against Geogaming and they are going straight to the cup to play against one of new teams which will replace Betway.
PlayerMan of the match
6. Nikki Vella Petroni1